News: What we see is Natural ... But also Fake

What we see is Natural ... But also Fake

It is amazing that when you go out at night, the world is so full of colors and lights and everybody is dressed in certain way, also you can watch every big commercial image for 5 seconds, but in the end, you realize that your eyes can understand the fake and also the natural very quickly.

I Don't want to put an example of a specific image, I just want you to imagine my example, when you open your door, and find a beautiful vase of flowers, you feel great and happy but, when you look at the vase for couple seconds, you realize that the flowers are all fake, here your don't feel good, its just normal. 

Scientifique studies shows that, if you introduce fake plants and fake flowers into your home, the effect is far from the real ones, if you like the mountains so much, instead of putting a picture of amazing mountains place your house near it, sounds crazy but, that's how life gets more exciting, be natural!

In my opinion, any women who fake her face by 68 pounds of make up,  her value decrease and become 1% for being alive, however, you can always make the natural look more beautiful, this involves your sens of creativity and imagination, the good looking guy always receive compliments and the 68 pounds of make up women always receive fake compliments. See?

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