News: Color Your Life

Color Your Life

Want to be happy every day? here is some tips and techniques to help you keep the good mood using some Colors =).

Step 1 The Green House

Have you ever felt happy when you go out to nature, watching trees and flowers, smelling good , adding to that the fresh air. Im not going to tell you to make a jungle in your house or build your house in a jungle, but this tip can change a lot.


  • Make your house walls look green it helps feel more comfortable and relaxed, scientific studies shows that the human nature is attracted to green (nature).

Color Your Life

Step 2 The Wake-up Note

What the first thing comes to your mind when you wake up in the morning? Thinking about the future, what are you up to, maybe dreaming some impossible things, here is how I wake up in the morning:

When I wake up I open my eyes on this:"if you don't wake up with a smile … stay in bed and die" it is a colorful note with smiley near it =)


  • So make your personal Colorful Wake-up note! Write a good opening sentence so that when you wake up in the morning the first positive message that you wrote will stick to your mind and make you feel better.

Color Your Life

Step 3 Colorful, Beautiful

My school bag, my wallet, book's covers, when I introduce some green some blue some light gray that influences my entire life even if I don't see it.

Here's a last tip, having a picture of a cute baby in your wallet also makes you happy every time you open it, but the more important, if somebody steals your wallet, you have a big chance to take it back because the stealer is going to think of how nice you are (the cute baby picture effect).


  • Put a Cute baby picture in your wallet so that every time you open it you see it, you can also write a funny note about money like "don't lose me too fast!"

Color Your Life

And Finally Combine all these techniques and advices

to make your life More Special and Happy =)

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